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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Attitude brand KURT PRYNNE released an energy packed story video, portraying a breaking point of the brand's alter ego KURT. And it just might be an accurate kaleidoscope of a queer person's life.

"It's been a year since we've created this fictional persona for everyone, facing the struggles most queer people go through. Until now, we've only seen KURT in our photos and imagination. It is very exciting to finally see him coming to life in a live-action video. We want our fashion statements to be not only worn, but also felt. What is KURT's environment, his body language? What shaped his reckless attitude? We are grateful to have model Felix Humann perfectly portraying this range of details", says brand co-creator Luigi Giordano.

"This video is like a cluster of events happening to KURT, while he's breaking out of a choking mental state", explains video director Šarūnas Kirdeikis. "It's as if you are driving into a tunnel, where lights pass by so fast and events happen almost in a dream state. Anger, exhaustion, running away from your old-self, letting it all out... Things we all have experienced in some bizarre way. It might look aggressive and "wrong" at first, but under the surface it actually serves as a punch out of a terrible misery. And, boy oh boy, can KURT carry a punch! At some point, you need some brute force to get out of a stagnation. So you can finally breathe. It's liberating and it feels amazing".

Video soundtrack was created in collaboration with a Berlin based DJ, Philipp Rothenaicher that also became one of the KURT PRYNNE faces. "I was excited to see how KURT PRYNNE fashion statements and my music will merge together. Both radiate free spirit and straightforward attitude, so I'm sure the result will hit hard. For me music was always a way to express a hidden part of my personality and I hope this soundtrack contributes to revealing more of what KURT character is all about", says Philipp Rothenaicher.

With this video KURT PRYNNE is summarizing a first collection and is taking next step. At the end of the tunnel, KURT is leaving with two new things in his backpack. First - a discovered list of things he's made of, and second - a new attitude. These are next two Uncomfortable Truths KURT PRYNNE has just released - WHAT'S WRONG and SOULOIST. The story continues.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Šarūnas Kirdeikis @sarunaskirdeikis

Producer: Luigi Giordano @_l1981g

Actor: Felix Humann @consumed1993

Editor: Nina Gausling @lettersandscreens

Music: Philipp Rothenaicher @_se.ct_

DOP: Felix Schuetze @felixschuetze_

1st AC: Dennis Muehlhauser@tylorgadge

Special thanks: Florian & Fiese Remise

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"There is this feeling, chasing me for as long as I can remember. Circulating somewhere around chest area. Giving an uneasy sensation, something between light electrical buzz and uncomfortable tension of the insides. It occasionally transitions to my thoughts and manifests as self-doubt, regrets for what I've said, criticizing my actions or scolding for being too much. Shaming for what I did last night in the party, for not having big goals in life and not caring much, for not being a perfect 10...

That thing in my chest is a belief - I am ESSENTIALLY UNLOVABLE. A solid opinion I wake up to and fall asleep with after I'm done fighting throughout the day. I am a tough case to solve, a flaky option to trust and not the right person to grow old with.

I can be the soul of the crew, raving for 24 hours straight, visiting all the dark places and indulging whatever is served, yet the moments of sudden urge for solitude come crashing in and ruin my long kept facade. My thought patterns don't really match a concept of "small-talk", so it's difficult to keep a simple, undemanding conversation with me. I'm cool and amazing enough to be praised, but not steady, warm and affectionate enough to be loved. People tell me to stay true to myself, but who wants to be with someone jumping in all four directions at the same time? And when the grey days come, so does the sensation of being ESSENTIALLY UNLOVABLE.

I did try to change, though. And at some point even became a master at it: I learned to smile, let others win, stop trying to change people, to care more, give second and third and fourth chances, be less offensive, make one-sided compromises, stay interested and supportive, keep my opinions for later... All the circus tricks! And it was greatly uncomfortable, and I never felt more foreign to myself. Just like coyote chews off it's leg for the sake of freedom, when caught in a bear-trap, I chose to accept the not-so-convenient fact that I am not everyone's cup of tea. Wearing my uncomfortable truth - ESSENTIALLY UNLOVABLE - is a first step of becoming lovable for what I truly am."

ESSENTIALLY UNLOVABLE. Not suitable for love, of a complex nature, by no means favorable for affection and/or long-term relationship.

The statement by KURT PRYNNE that serves as a warning sign and a courageous acknowledgment to self, providing a starting point towards the change. This is where I am right now, so where can I be tomorrow?

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KURT PRYNNE is the name, created conjuring two personalities into one. Masculine and Feminine, molded inseparably like the two sides of the coin. Two names, representing our brand values - standing your ground, being true to yourself, keeping your statements solid and celebrating personal freedom.

KURT HILLER was Jewish German essayist and political journalist, an administrator of first Sexual Science Institute in 1930 and a queer rights activist, who held onto his ideals through oppression, war time and concentration camps, till the end of his life.

ESTHER PRYNNE. A fictional female figure, who was publicly shamed for adultery and supposable sin, yet wore her stamp of shame – the Scarlet Letter – patiently and proudly for the rest of her life.

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