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To celebrate their 4th anniversary, Berlin fashion label KURT PRYNNE presents CARTE BLANCHE: a new collaboration with Paris-based photographer BENJAMIN EDELINE. 
Benjamin Edeline is the artistic alter ego behind the online label “MENLAYERS”. His photography celebrates gay iconography and is particularly informed by queer graphics from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Benjamin states, “I have been an obsessive observer since childhood, and the human body has always been a machine that has fascinated me: its gestures, its movements, the way it is articulated, its power and vulnerability. My taste for observation has sparked a growing interest in creating photographic series or sequences that allow me to investigate the intricacies of movement or, to suggest a narrative thread.”
Known for its T-shirts presenting “Uncomfortable Truths”, KURT is a brand that prioritises creative freedom. So when contacting Benjamin, we gave the artist “Carte Blanche” to create new images utilising T-shirts from our collection. He says, “working for a clothing brand is something completely new for me as a photographer. It was very free creatively, but also fun to do.”
Benjamin was immediately inspired by KURT’s collection: “very quickly two elements came to me creatively: the colour yellow and a metal chain.” He makes sketches before embarking on a photoshoot. After seeing his initial drawings, we responded immediately with an enthusiastic “yes!”
“I selected two models that were very different from each other, but also different from those used by the brand up to now. And the result is what you can see now. Thank you to Kurt Prynne for allowing me to do this collaboration and for their trust!”
As the blank page (“carte blanche”) is transformed into an artwork, so too the white T-shirt becomes a canvas to express your personal message through our iconic statements: KURT, ESSENTIALLY UNLOVEABLE, PUT ME ON YOUR INSTASTORY and HETEROFUCKABLE.


Photography: Benjamin Edeline

Instagram benjaminmenlayers


Models: ozdoorbis , julienb_pictures

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