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DIRK VAESSEN for Kurt Prynne
Kurt Prynne is glad to present the work of artist Dirk Vaessen for KURT.
Born 1995, based in London (UK) and Arnhem (NL), Dirk creates ornaments for the body, inviting people to explore who they are as human beings.
Headpieces, Footpieces, and all the objects he creates tend to question stereotypes, rules, identities, playing with characters, roles and sexuality. In a continuous search for our true self.
Dirk and Kurt Prynne collaborate to tell a story, challenging and thought-provoking. As always in KURT's imagery. 
In this shoot, DIRK and KURT explore together the character evoked when wearing the Headpieces in combination with the Jockstrap or the Brief. 
Do we feel proud or ashamed, sexy or insecure?
Do we become dominant or submissive?
Which role do you think is the best for you? 


Artistic Director: Dirk Vaessen

Instagram dirkvaessen


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