A T-shirt for a less complicated living

The World was in need of a new approach towards T-shirt statements. Therefore KURT PRYNNE entered the game.

KURT PRYNNE is a name created conjuring ESTHER PRYNNE, a historical female figure, who was publicly shamed for adultery and yet wore her stamp of shame fearlessly for the rest of her life, and KURT HILLER, the administrator of first Sexual Science institute in 1930, who held onto his ideals, even in the face of fear on his way to a concentration camp.

Nowadays, KURT is the kind of guy, who wears his T-shirt to repel a socially-attached shame, fear and stigma of what he is. Being very good at insulting in a politically correct way, he encourages to accept you dark side and remains the alter-ego of a friend we all need.

It all started with a simple conversation in one of the well known clubs in Berlin. Making fun of our own life experiences, being constantly asked uncomfortable questions and appearing in inconvenient party situations, we used all the sarcasm we could find to help ourselves and others make a strong, visible statement. For those times, when you simply don't want to answer dumb questions with a smile. For when you feel lower than the ground and need to pick yourself up. For when you despise following the crowd and would rather stay forever alone.

We created a personality, that is fearless, cynical, supportive and fun. And then put it on a T-shirt. With KURT PRYNNE we are simply not giving into the idea, that life has given up on you just yet.


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