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"A night in Vienna" Peter Schmid for Kurt Prynne.

The collaboration between Peter Schmid and Kurt Prynne unfolded spontaneously, allowing ample creative freedom. With only the specified clothing items delivered in a small box to his studio in Vienna, Peter found himself intrigued. Though unfamiliar with KURT PRYNNE's pieces, he resonated with the brand's philosophy, its nuanced style, and the intriguing background behind the brand name. The outcome is an incredible night.

In a world where nudity is taboo, a hidden realm emerges where inhibitions are abandoned. Amidst the darkness, desire intensifies as exhibitionist meets voyeur under the flash of light. A simple black fabric draws focus, framing muscular curves with delicate straps.
Here, Peter, the visionary photographer, crafts three captivating narratives with three distinct models, each inviting viewers into a seductive world where passion reigns supreme.

“Luckily, the briefs and jock I got for the photo shoot fit me. When I slip them on, I think of the men who have worn these two pieces before me. Do briefs have a memory?" Peter Schmid.

The Dancer | LUKAS

I've known Lukas for years. He's a serene, empathetic individual who showcases his talents onstage as both a dancer and a drag artist, embracing his alter ego as a 'creature of the night'. One sultry summer evening, we venture to a deserted playground in the Vienna Prater. Apart from a few oblivious late joggers, we're alone. As the harsh flashlight illuminates the playground, its equipment transforms into eerie shapes reminiscent of a darkroom or a pole dance stage.

The Cowboy | Eric

Erich leads a captivating double life: by night, he transitions from artist to escort, his mustache and piercing eyes concealing his wild desires.In Vienna's outskirts lies a sprawling 1970s-era park, filled with enchanting corners. Amidst graffiti-covered walls and decaying architecture, we capture moments while a nearby couple indulges in passionate kisses.

The Player | Stefan

Stefan, relatively new to rugby, boasts a muscular physique sculpted from years of rafting in Japan, where he also leads tourist groups, aligned with his Japanology studies.When asked to pose nearly nude on the rugby field, Stefan eagerly agrees. Meeting at the pitch a few days later, amidst chilly darkness, we capture his raw energy as he joins the training teams, both of us quickly warming up despite the cold.

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