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NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS. These days it seems like everybody is looking for a Daddy. Regardless of age, vocation, or sexual preference, they all just want someone strong, experienced and stable to take care of them. You’ve lived and loved, grown and matured and learned to rely on yourself to make it. Now you’re older and wiser and sure, the roleplay was fun at first, but with each passing day you’re looking more Daddy and feeling more tired of the same questions from the same boys.


Save your breath and answer them with the new shirt from Kurt: NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS.

Need some money? NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS.

Want to feel younger? NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS.

Insecure about the fact you’re aging? NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS.

Looking for a top? NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS.

Got problems with your own father? NOT YOUR DADDY, SIS


At Kurt, we know even Daddies want a Daddy sometimes, but we don’t have a shirt for that. In the meantime, at least you can shut down an uncomfortable conversation by wearing your Uncomfortable Truth.


Fabric - Pitch black, French