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"Every personal secret is worth telling, in exchange of a permanent, blissful relief.", - Kurt Prynne.

Do you remember that time, when you broke something in your house as a kid and were too afraid to tell your caregivers? That shock, taking over your body, tension building up, fear, shaking you from the inside, thoughts, going wild about "what's gonna happen next?". Most of us tried to hide the "crime" for as long as possible, meanwhile suffering immensely. And they found out anyway, and we got scolded to some extend, and life moved on... Little do we remember what happened when it was over. We forgot the feeling, that came after. A relief. A sensation of a huge boulder falling off of a chest, followed by the peaceful calmness. So why haven't we admitted the uncomfortable truth immediately in the first place?

UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH is an uneasy belief, fact or a feeling, that, due to it's intensity, seeks acknowledgment and release, but is too inconvenient to be revealed because of social norms, outside pressure, negative opinion and, thus, fear of rejection or punishment.

The concept of our first collection WEAR YOUR UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH manifested from years of personal experiences. After holding in untold stories, suppressed accidents,  unfulfilled sexual desires and shut personality traits, it became undeniably clear: life does become brighter and easier after admitting difficult things. First - to yourself. And since it isn't always a fun process, KURT PRYNNE statements come with a fair portion of humor and sarcasm. Like a talisman you can hold on to, KURT PRYNNE items are meant to be that extra boost of confidence and courage during difficult times. Because it is less scary to go down the rollercoaster ride while laughing and screaming at the top of your lungs.

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